"The only trip I'll take in space is around the sun on this satellite right here"

Version 1.2

Deutsch - English

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"Die Planeten" is a small application which shows the eight planets of the solar system and some of the larger moons in 3D. You can spin or zoom the planets with the mouse (spin=left mousebutton, zoom=right mousebutton or mousewheel).

Available languages are German and English. There are versions for the following operation systems:

Version 1.3:

Version 1.2: Version 1.1:

Installation instructions for Windows

Open the program dieplaneten.exe. and follow the instructions. A link in the start-menu and a link on the desktop will be created.

Installation instructions for Mac

Open the file dieplaneten.dmg and start the program dieplaneten

Installation instructions for Unix/Linux

Extract the tar-archive with the command:
gunzip dieplaneten.tar.gz
tar xvf dieplaneten.tar

To run the application, change the directory and start the executable file:
cd dieplaneten
chmod 755 dieplaneten

Installation instructions for eee-PC

Extract the tar-archive with the command:
bunzip2 dieplaneten_eee.tar.bz2
tar xvf dieplaneten_eee.tar

To run the application, change the directory and start the shellscript:
cd dieplaneten


The application requires OpenGL and the "GLUT runtime libraries".
Under Linux, the package freeglut3 should be installed.

Irix users possibly need to install the shared GLUT-libraries from the nekochan repository:


Thank you for support:
  • Joerg and the Nekochan-forum for the help with the SGI version
  • Björn Jónsson for the new planet textures
  • Tobias Stöber for help with the eee-PC version

E-Mail: martin@martin-steen.de